About Us



We showcase an extensive variety of specialized professionals, representing every product and service you may need, to make your event everything you dreamed of and more!  We help you create, plan and organize your entire event; whether it be a wedding or a children’s party, a holiday gathering, birthday party, graduation, family reunion, company outing or corporate event, anniversary, class reunion, Bahr/Bahtmitzvah, block party or any other occasion.

Watch one-on-one video interviews with our professionals and listen as they explain who they are, what they do and why they may be just who you are looking to hire for your special occasion.

Most people would have to search out and interview the countless vendors to choose from. It is an overwhelming task to have to search, interview and check references, etc.in hopes that they are also somehow available on that special day. Let alone, spend even more money on a professional event planner to do your legwork for you.

Meet a wide variety of talented, experienced and specialized service providers with outstanding reputations and integrity all from the convenience of your own home or office and it doesn’t have to cost you any more than it would if you had to do all of this work by yourselves!

Free in-home introductive consultation to get you started on finding all the right people, places and products for your own event.*

*We also offer additional consultation as well as onsite coordinators for the day of your event. Our Professional Consultants, an Event Ambassador will be there should you want more of our services. We can be there to oversee every step necessary from set up, throughout the event and to the end until the last vendor has been taken care of, cleaned up and left, to assure all goes as smoothly as you planned it to be.


We offer much more for much less.